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      1. 技术团队The Technical Team
                 As a professional producer of lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries, Allgrand battery has production lines which are ranked among the leading in the industry. On the basis of excellence and innovation capability, Allgrand implements the German advanced GEL technology, uses the strong research  and development capabilities of our company to improve product competitiveness, has and as a result, we have won the praise of many customers.

        Allgrand China:
        Allgrand New Energy Company Ltd.
        Dong Fang Hong Road East,
        Dezhou Economic Development Zone,
        Dezhou City,Shandong, China
        Tel: +86 534 2469788
        E-mail: sales@allgrand-battery.com
        Allgrand Europe (ALLE):
        Please visit www.allgrand.de for more information